What You Supply

Sleeping bag, pillow, personal items and any medications you require.

Any snacks you desire.  Your personal clothing.  Camo is not necessary unless you plan to bow hunt or hunt with handgun.

Have your firearm with the correct ammunition, bow, arrows, release, etc. A .30 caliber firearm is recommended, but any caliber that will kill a large mule deer is acceptable. 

Binoculars, hunting knives (if you would like to help in the care of your animal) and any other equipment you feel you might need.

Ice chests for your meat (a large ice chest of 90 to 100 quart is recommended). 

Note: In Texas it is no longer required to have license to hunt feral hogs.  If ANY other animal is hunted (coyote, bobcat, rabbits etc.) a hunting license is required.


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