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About Us

The Ranch is 183 acres located approximately 35 miles south of Abilene, Texas.  We are 6 ½ miles west of Novice, Texas on Hwy. 1770 and ½ mile inside the Runnels County line.

We have five spin cast corn feeders that feed all year round.  We have four tower rifle blinds, tripod stands and popup ground blinds for bowhunters, hand gunners, and night hunting.

We offer 3 day, 4 night hunts. I prefer that you arrive on Thursday and hunt on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and leave the ranch on Monday morning.  We also have a 2 day, 2 night hunt. You would come in on Friday morning. You will hunt Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning. You would leave the ranch after the noon meal on Sunday. 

Check out our pricing page for individual hunt prices.

NOTE: Texas no longer requires a hunting license to hunt feral hogs.  If anything else is hunted (coyotes, bobcats, rabbits, etc.) a hunting license is required. 

It is legal and we provide the ability to hunt at night.  Lighting will be provided if you care to hunt after dark.

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